Anybody home?

Last night after finishing dinner, I was laying on the couch watching TV when I hear this scratching noise.

It was a nice day and even nicer night so I had the windows open, Willow was laying under one of the windows in the living room, and after the noise we both looked up and around trying to figure out what made it. It sounded like a cat on the scratching post, but there wasn’t a cat in the living room.

Seconds before we both went back to relaxing we see the source of the noise. It was Pete outside the window trying to jump in.

He had jumped up to the window and tried to jump through but he couldn’t jump high enough and was blocked by the screen in the window so all you see is the little brown tabby head popping up at the bottom of the window then disappear. The scratching noise was him trying to hold on to the window sill and climb up the siding of the house.

I was so surprised I burst out laughing, Willow was worried, and immediately got up to look out the window trying to figure out why Pete couldn’t come inside.

Needless to say I got up and opened the door for Pete to come inside for the night.


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