Best of friends

Memphis finally has someone to play with! He never really grew out of the kitten stage while his sister, Belle, did and of course the other two cats want nothing to do with him, so we were starting to feel bad that he had no one to play with.

My theory on why they don’t consider him ‘family’ quite yet is:

They didn’t grow up with him (although that doesn’t stop Pete from sharing a sunny napping spot with him, he just won’t play with him).Memphis and Pete

The second reason, is he’s deaf, so he can’t hear when they are upset and communicating their displeasure. Being a ‘guy’ he pays no attention to body language so he always thinks they are playing.

As for Belle, well he’s her brother, of course she wants nothing to do with him. That is unless no one is looking, or she is in need of comfort herself, then she’ll snuggle with him and occasionally groom him.Belle and Memphis

So you can imagine how happy we were when shortly after Chloe came to live with us we started seeing this:Chloe and MemphisChloe and Memphis

Still we were not wanting to get our hopes up that Memphis had a new playmate, until we started seeing this on a nightly routine:

YouTube Preview Image

I’m glad they get along and play with each other. Memphis needed a buddy, and Chloe needed a cat that wasn’t afraid of her to teach her how to behave and play gently.Chloe and Memphis

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