BlogPaws 2015 Prep

IMG_4467Prepping for BlogPaws this year is coming along slowly.

I’ve got a head start on the grooming for the dogs, I’m wanting to take them in to get them done professionally for BlogPaws, but with their coats being so thick I didn’t want the groomers to get exasperated and shave my dogs (why it’s not good to shave a double coated dog is explained in this post).

I’m still working on a logo, and trying to keep posting but with a new baby (and my being sick) that isn’t so easy. You’d think I’d be used to being busy and things being chaotic, but it is so not the same as just having a house full of pets.

I’ve got my schedule for the conference done, I still need to go shopping for some nice clothes to wear, my lounge wear is great for home and small errands but not for ‘business’.IMG_4491

I don’t have a babysitter, so I’ll have to make sure I have everything I’ll need for Leelynn to be comfortable, and since we’ll have him with us we will be taking turns bringing the pups.

I’m working on getting all of this months posts written; including a guest posting (sorry Ashley for taking so long!).

We have a canoe trip scheduled for June, which means I need to get Leelynn a life vest, and work on getting him used to it, start teaching him water safety (floating and maybe even start with swimming, all of which will be documented for later posts). Which will take some time so I need to get started on that as soon as possible.

We are all looking forward to BlogPaws this year, especially with it being so close this year! If you are planning on attending and wish to meet up give is a shout!IMG_4411

4 comments on “BlogPaws 2015 Prep

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Looking forward to meeting Sophie! If Memphis was still with us I believe I would have brought him too, I think he would have loved all the attention and the chance to explore safely!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      I normally live in Jeans and T-Shirts too, problem is I’ve been living in yoga pants and nursing tops since my jeans still don’t fit and T-Shirts aren’t all that nursing friendly.

      I’m mainly looking for something comfortable, that looks like I actually tired, and doesn’t scream exhausted mom! I would like one nice outfit for the red carpet event though.

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