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Stephanie’s Crash Course Into Cat-Parenthood

A good friend of mine has recently decided to take up a hobby and was inquiring about blogging since she knew that it was what I was trying (and failing) to make a living at doing. She recently had the experience of dealing with a pregnant kitty, and let me...

Heading out to town feature

Will Travel With Dogs; Not Cats!

We like to travel, and we usually take the dogs with us, but there are times when we can’t, and of course our cats are not particularly fond of the car either. Those are the times when having a reliable Pet Sitter comes in handy. Problem is; I’m usually...

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2015 Nashville Pet Expo

This past Saturday was Nashville’s Annual Pet Expo, and the second time we’ve gone! Since Kevin was a drill it was really just me, the baby, and Willow. I knew there was bound to be other critters there and I’m still working on maneuvering the stroller and wrangling dogs,...

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BlogPaws 2015 Aftermath

It’s slow going but I’m making my way through all the paperwork we received at BlogPaws. The treats and food samples have been sorted and either stashed away for future use or donated to our favorite local rescue: Operation Education Animal Rescue I’m still working on our ‘Nice to...