I had a lovely surprise this morning, when I opened the door to let the dogs out and start the day the dogs rushed out to go potty like normal, only to be distracted halfway off the deck. There was a groundhog under our picnic table.

When it heard the dogs come rushing out it made a mad dash for the safety under the deck. It didn’t make it. All four of the dogs had gotten wind of it and started harassing it. Of course not expecting any of this I was barefoot, so I ran back in the house to slip on some shoes so I could attempt to rescue the groundhog. I had barely reached my shoes when I hear yelping, crying, whining, and a bark I rarely hear.

Just from the sound I knew the yelp was Putt-Putt, so the crying was most likely his, I couldn’t place the whining; and the bark almost threw me for a loop, Willow doesn’t bark much if it all so while I know her bark, I’m not used to hearing it.

When I did finally made it back outside (I swear it was barely a minute maybe two) the groundhog had made a complete circuit of the deck (this was evident from blood smears) via one of the dogs’ mouths; and was nearly under it. Putt-Putt was off nursing a bitten nose (the source of the blood), Chloe was staying on the fringes since she has no hunting experience, and Hankster was herding her away from the ‘fun’ which was the source of the whining; and Willow was repeatedly snatching and dropping the groundhog further away from the deck.

One of the snatch and drops ended up with the groundhog landing on my feet, he didn’t seem to care or mind me being there at all. I used that opportunity to snatch Willow and keep her from snatching him long enough for Mr. Groundhog (I’m presuming it was male) to make it safely under the deck and hopefully escape the yard via Pete’s old holes (that we still have yet to fix).

So the end of our morning excitement was everyone being herded inside and fed breakfast, while I cleaned up Putt-Putt’s nose (it looked worse than it actually was) and made inspection rounds to see if anyone else had been hurt. They are all currently on lockdown for a bit longer to hopefully give Mr. Groundhog (if he has any sense at all) to get far away from our yard.Willow and Putt-Putt

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