Did you hear that!

So I know I’ve mentioned that my dogs don’t like loud noises such as fireworks or thunder, well here are a few photos of how badly they don’t like them.

Now the story behind these photos, we had one of the many random pop up thunder showers that we get this time of year and one thunder-clap was particularly loud.

After hearing it the dogs all just about lost their minds and went looking for a safe spot, which just so happened to be the bathroom… while I was using it!

So I laughed it off and pulled out my phone from my pants pocket and proceeded to take pictures of two of them (Willow and Putt-Putt) huddling in the bathtub at the same time.

Willow & Putt-Putt in the tub-2


Willow & Putt-Putt in the tub-1

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