Do you remember when…?

So I was catching up on my reading when I came across this post. She references an article on dogs and their ability to remember, she also has a few videos of a dog that touch on that.

I got into a discussion with Kevin about the article and videos and he brought up an article discussing mutt v. purebred visual and social cues. He came across that article a while ago and neither of us has been able to locate it so we could cite and share it properly.

Which then lead to us recalling incidents when our dogs displayed ‘declarative memory’; the most notable being from Chloe.

Despite her being barely a year old now, she is capable of recalling where exactly in the house she ‘lost’ her toys days after the fact. Which of course will drive me nuts since I either didn’t see her lose them, or forgot she lost them there.

She also knows all our hiding spots for the frisbees. If she hasn’t stashed any away from us, she’ll go to the hiding spot and just stare, with the occasional imploring glance at us to throw them for her. If we don’t get them for her she will attempt to retrieve them herself (which can be quite hilarious).

I also find her ability to multi-task quite impressive. We will be out back playing frisbee when all the other dogs decide they want to play chase, she’ll decide she wants to join in and starts following them in laps around the yard (she’ll either carry and drop the frisbee or occasionally return to where she placed the frisbee). When the game of chase ends, Chloe will happily return to her game of frisbee.

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