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Dogs and Toddlers


A while ago I was asked by one of the other mommas in my yoga class what I’m doing to get our critters ready for the new baby.

Until our son is born, Chloe is still the youngest!

Until our son is born, Chloe is still the youngest!

To be honest, I’ve not done much, I haven’t needed to since most of what they will encounter with babies, toddlers, and young children they’ve already been exposed to. So I know they will be fine as long we don’t forget to include them too.

Putt-Putt's been around the block a few times and isn't phased by much.

Putt-Putt’s been around the block a few times and isn’t phased by much.

The one thing I HAVE been doing, is increasing the amount of time I have them around kids.IMG_0596 copyright

We actually have play dates with some of my friends kids. Over this past year they have all been exposed to babies barely able to sit all the way up to toddlers running around and playing fetch with them.IMG_0635 copyright

There is always at least two adults present, one to watch the dogs (Me) and one to watch the kids (their Mom).

I always do greetings when both babies and pups are CALM, it’s much less noisy and intimidating when the energy is a lower key.

Katerina (the girl in the pictures) has been around our pups since she was 9 months. Now that she’s almost two (Yup, I’ve been doing this long before Kevin and I decided to expand our family) and running around, she LOVES to play fetch with Chloe.

As precautions I’ve taught Chloe to drop toys at a person’s feet unless they specify the ‘give’ command (putting the toy in your hand), and I’ve also worked with her taking toys gently so we don’t get accidental nips.

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    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Turns out they were! When we came home with Leelynn they sniffed his blanket, and his carrier with him in it, but they paid him no attention until he made his first sound and even then not for long.

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