Me and the Pups

Excuses, Excuses!

Okay, I know, four months is a long time, and this wasn’t the first time I’ve gone ‘missing’.

This year has been both good and bad, plus exhausting!

First things first; I originally stopped posting due to being preoccupied with replacing our carport roof before BlogPaws 2014.

Carport roof before

Carport roof before

Carport roof after

Carport roof after

Then there was BlogPaws 2014; unfortunately we were so busy meeting people, figuring out which classes we were going to attend, and talking to the vendors at the exhibit hall that neither of us thought to take many pictures. If we had taken the dogs, like we originally had planned, there would probably be more pictures than we could sort through! Thankfully BlogPaws 2015 will be close to home; Nashville! Just a hop, skip, and jump away!

The Hotel

The Westin Resort at Lake Las Vegas

Raffle Prize

Our Hause Panther Cat Lounge Raffle prize!

Dinner with Bentley

Nose to Nose Awards Dinner with Flat Bentley from Barking from the Bayou

Critters swag bag

Even though we didn’t take the pups, they still made out like bandits!

Ah, that only covers to the middle of May, next up on our schedule was Kevin being deployed… again!

So that meant it would just be me at home with all eight of the Furbombers.

I was supposed to go to the Yellow Ribbon Ceremony (a what to expect while your spouse/family member is deployed), but I couldn’t make it, Putt-Putt was having an issue with his back. Looks like his age is finally starting to catch up with him (he’s much better by the way).

Then I had house guests for a week. Our friend Bear and his owner Ashley (along with her brother) came up for a visit.

Bear making himself at home

Bear making himself at home.

Then we had a few days of down time before we had to go to Kevin’s Farewell ceremonies (yup that’s right two!).

That puts us at the end of May, when I finally got a chance to sit down and register the most exciting news!

It's positive

Yup, that’s right, we are now expecting our first child!

First trimester kicked my butt with fatigue that was worsened by all the traveling and heat.

Second trimester is kicking my butt due to heat and rowdy pups. They have been wonderful in cutting me some slack for not focusing strictly on them anymore.

We got to spend a few days with Kevin during his four day pass over 4th of July weekend.

Kevin and the pups

Kevin and the pups

Amish Stuff

I couldn’t help but get a pic of this, it was just too funny!

Me and the Pups

Me and the Pups

The ride home

The ride home from Kevin’s Pass

Then there was the Nashville Pet Expo


Anything in here for me?

This one!

I’ll take this one!

Tired Willow

She had a full day!

Expo Score

One of our Expo scores, maybe we won’t struggle so much finding pet friendly activities when on the road now!

Then the ‘Dare me 4 Charity’ event with Operation Education Animal Rescue.


Chloe was the only pup there!

August, well I don’t have much of an excuse for why I haven’t posted. Other than I’m still trying to catch up on emails, I’ve been attempting to maintain our social media sites and reconnecting with a lot of you. Unfortunately we’ve hit another heat wave (it’s in the mid 90s; 100s if you include heat index), which is not only uncomfortable and dangerous for the dogs, but it is also making me suffer!

Plus this (picture below) isn’t making things any easier either!


21 weeks now

I do have some videos that I still need to edit and upload, so look for those soon!

6 comments on “Excuses, Excuses!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Thank you! (for both compliments) Yes the conference was a blast! I’m glad next years will be so close to us, we can take the pups and maybe mingle with some people outside of the conference hall.

  1. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    Welcome back, and congratulations on your first baby! Lots of exciting stuff going on in your world! Good luck with everything and stay cool!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Thank you! It has been very busy and exciting, I didn’t realize exactly how busy I/we were until I started writing this. It’s no wonder I’ve been so tired!

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