Fact or Fiction: Is Halloween A More Dangerous Time for Pets?

Okay, I know not the usual uplifting fun adventure but this is something that hits home a bit for me. With such unique looking dogs we do worry about theft, a lot! Plus I recently had a friend go through a missing pet scare. 

Her two kittens (rescues), brother and sister litter mates, (like my Belle and Memphis) went missing for a few days. Luckily they were found at our County Shelter, but due to whatever reason the kittens did not fare well at the shelter. (They were much skinnier than before, and since they were on medication to treat a case of ringworm they have to restart treatment due interrupting the medication cycle)

Shiva (left) and Shakti (right)

Shiva (left) and Shakti (right)

You can see why this bothered me, they were black kittens, and I’m sure we’ve all heard those wives tales of pets getting stolen or going missing during this time of year for nefarious reasons. I have to be honest, I didn’t think my friend was going to get her kittens back, I am thrilled she did, but I was very surprised. Mainly due to my belief that Halloween season is one of the most dangerous seasons for pets.

The Real Question

So that got me thinking, IS Halloween actually the reason more pets go missing (or are stolen), or do we just notice it more during this time of year due to the history of the holiday?

And now if you don’t mind; I have a quick poll for you to answer to see the popular opinion before I actually share what I found! (I still have three follow-up calls to make so next week!)

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