First Annual Carter Reunion Camping Trip: Day 1

As we were prepping for our trip, the dogs were greatly confused.

They all got excited at first thinking we were going canoeing, but when more and more gear was piled and packed they started to get worried. Putt-Putt being the oldest wasn’t phased, he’d seen the camping gear before. The other three had yet to experience a camping trip.

While the drive was not the longest we’ve ever had, it was still a decent ways to get to our destination, and the dogs all had their own opinions about it.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


Wake me when we get there.


I’m bored, Lets play frisbee!



We arrived well after dark and set up camp by flashlight in a misty fog while keeping the dogs leashed and near us due to being in a National Park.

They weren’t to happy about not being able to explore but we made up for it with a nice dinner and fun adventure the next day.

Sleeping in the tent that first night was no picnic, after being in the car all day and not being able to explore once we got there they were all over the place! Everything started off nice and cozy though.


IMG_1153After a while Chloe started getting vocal doing her ‘you’re touching me’ thing with the other dogs (yet wound up sleeping between Kevin and I), and Willow kept trying to find an escape hole in the tent. So Kevin took them for a long walk around 2:00am. We managed to get some sleep after that.



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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us !

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