First Annual Carter Reunion Camping Trip: Day 2 (again) and 3

After getting our fill of taking pictures of the overlook, we returned to the trail to continue our hike. Which overall was a very enjoyable moderate hike with plenty of photo opportunities of flora, fauna, rock cliffs, and overlooks (which were all well-marked, fenced in, and safe for all but the smallest or most curious of dogs).

While climbing up the path to reach the second overlook we encountered a group of people coming down. The path up was pretty narrow, us being closer to the bottom at the time, moved out of the way to let them pass. As they worked their way down through the dogs one of the ladies in the group asked for a picture of us and the dogs, we agreed of course.

As it turned out she is the Director of Tourism for McCreary County and posted our picture on the county’s Facebook Page.

By this point, my camera had died so all hiking pictures are courtesy of Azure Carter.

After we finished at the second overlook, we arrived at a very unique place indeed: Cracks in the Rock.Cracks in the rock 4

cracks in the rock

cracks in the rock 2

cracks in the rock 3There were three sets of these really steep ladder like stair cases.

cracks in the rock 5This set gave Chloe a bit of trouble, but she made it down eventually.

We ended out hike at the halfway point of the Blue Heron Loop, which happened to be located at a train station museum.

Once we returned to our campsite we said goodbye to family that had to leave and proceeded to start a fire and cook dinner.


tired puppies

A tired dog is a good dog.

tired hank"Forget sleeping on the ground, I want the air mattress!"“Forget sleeping on the ground, I want the air mattress!”

They remained tuckered puppies until the next day.

still tired willowcampfire 2still tired chloe

The next morning we cleaned, packed, and loaded up for our trip home.

As we were leaving the Blue Heron Campground:Blue Heron CampgroundWe saw one of the many arches here at the park and couldn’t resist taking some pictures.Kevin and the dogsme and the dogsWe will definitely be going back to finish the Blue Heron Loop and explore the train station more thoroughly while open and maybe even snag a ride on the train.

2 comments on “First Annual Carter Reunion Camping Trip: Day 2 (again) and 3

  1. Paws of Wisdom

    What a beautiful park, where is it? I have never taken my dogs camping, now it seems like I really should!

  2. Victoria Carter
    Victoria Carter

    This camping trip was at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in KY. The specific campground we were at was the Blue Heron Campground. It is a lot of fun camping with dogs, but can also be a lot work. This was the first time Kevin and I went camping with four dogs, we both have gone camping with dogs, but Kevin never more than two, and I had never gone with more than one. This was also a first for Chloe, Willow, and Hank.

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