First Annual Carter Reunion Camping Trip: Day 2

Second day of camping, we awoke to the dogs fidgeting and trying to get out of the tent about 7:30am. Took the pups for a quick potty walk and saw this: IMG_1163 Then sat down with some coffee and waited for everyone else to wake up. Our camp Once everyone woke up, Kevin made pancakes! pancakes Even the pups got some! puppy treats! We played a bit of frisbee after breakfast frisbee 1 frisbee 2Then Kevin and the kids took the pups for a short walk while the rest of the adults packed up to go home. (We were late in getting there so we chose to stay an extra night to make the trip worthwhile) IMG_1164Then it was off to our next adventure! The 6.4 mile Blue Heron Loop (which we didn’t finish) going on our hikeThe first place we stopped had a pretty little cave,cave cave 2 Where Willow had her fist encounter with a turtle!

Willow and the turtle

YouTube Preview Image Putt-Putt saw it too, but wasn’t as interested IMG_1172 Somewhere around the 1.5 and 2 mile mark we came to our first overlook IMG_1178   Family Portrait


*Some pictures courtesy of Kevin’s nieces Stephanie Adkins & Azure Carter*

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