Have you seen my drink?

I have no idea what Willow’s obsession with stealing my drinks is. I’m serious, it doesn’t matter what I have in my glass or take out cup, if it gets left unattended for ‘to long’ she will inevitably steal it or a drink from it.

Not to long ago I stepped out on the front porch to enjoy the cool evening air with my husband after dinner, I look through the storm door to check on the pups to make sure they are behaving, (It’s a habit I’ve developed to stifle any squabbles which despite living together and being a pack still occasionally happen) and what do I see? Miss Willemina with her front paws on the coffee table drinking straight from my tea glass!

My husband can do the same thing, but his drink never gets touched, it’s just mine! Well, okay that’s not true, she’ll steal his drink as well, but if she had to choose his or mine, it’s always mine she goes for.

Her favorite drink to steal from me also happens to be one of my favorites as well, Oceanwater from Sonic, (my biggest fast food weakness) she particularly likes them when in slushy form. She’ll steal the cup, pop the top off, and enjoy the blue slushy goodness until her fur gets stained, or I remember I left my slushy unattended whichever comes first.Willow

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