Here we go again!

Chloe has invented a new game. A rather annoying one at that (due to its startling nature).

We will all (critters included) be calmly sitting in the living room napping (usually the pups and one of the cats) and reading, when Chloe will slowly perk up and bark once or twice. Her barking (usually at nothing) gets Hankster riled up and racing out the door, to which Chloe responds by chasing and attempting to play with Hank out in the yard.

The second time she did that today I confronted her about that and got a series of head tilts until the accusation come out, that’s when she looked away from me and started rubbing her face on her bed with this “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” look on her face.

Chloe & Hank

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