How do you say Ribbit?

So Chloe is now bi-lingual.

We were sitting out on our back deck one night and Chloe was playing with one of her toys that has a plastic bottle in it, she was just crunching away at it happily, when we all heard it.

A frog under our deck started making a sing-song croak in response to the bottle being chomped on. Chloe heard it and stopped crunching, when the frog stopped she started crunching again.

When the frog responded a second time she paused to listen, when he stopped she started up again.

The third time she dropped her toy as the frog started singing and cocked her head from side to side. The frog stopped again and she picked up her toy again and started chomping while hunting for the source of the singing.

Kevin and I were amazed, we hear the bullfrogs making noise all the time but this was the first time we heard that croak as well as the first time hearing one make that particular noise in response to a dog toy.

I wish I had the presence of mind to record the song!Chloe

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