Is that Feng Shui or do you have dogs?

Feng Shui? or Dogs?

That is a good question, but the answer is dogs. Well, this really only applies to one dog: Putt-Putt.He prefers to eat in the same area that we are, so if he isn't finished and we go outside, he carries his bowl out to join us.He prefers to eat in the same area that we are, so if he isn’t finished and we go outside, he carries his bowl out to join us.

Now, when Putt-Putt was younger, he had a pretty moderate case of separation anxiety (he still has his moments but they are very infrequent).

What he would do, was raid the laundry hamper and redecorate the house. So when Kevin would come home (the majority of these events happened before Kevin and I met), there would be at least one piece of dirty laundry in every spot Putt-Putt liked to lay in.

It got to the point where Kevin had to ‘Putt-Putt proof’ the laundry hamper, so to this day our hamper is a 26 gallon Rhino-Tuff plastic garbage bin with locking lid.Laundry Hamper



Has anyone else had to purchase odd items to puppy or kitty proof their house? We would love to hear it! It would be nice to know we aren’t the only ones who use items for things other than their intended purpose.

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    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      No, no destroyed laundry from Putt-Putt, he just used them to snuggle with while Kevin was at work. He’s grabbed a few of mine as well when I was in to much of a rush to put them away properly, that’ll learn me right! lol

  1. Rosie @Children Friendly Holidays

    Ha Ha – we put up a baby gate to keep our new Labrador puppy away from our young boys and all their toys which we thought she might chew. Trouble is she hated being separated from them and chewed the table leg, chair and door frame instead. Baby gate removed and the chewing stopped!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Ouch, I had a Border Collie growing up that liked chewing on wood furniture when we left the house. She finally stopped, I forget what we did it was so long ago.

      We use baby gates at our house too! To keep the pups from the kitty biscuits in the liter boxes. Although Kevin just informed me that Hank and Chloe have just discovered a work-around for the baby gate. >.<

  2. Lisa Mallis

    I LOVE the title of your post! I couldn’t wait to read the content I was so intrigued! We also used baby gate (once!) to keep my husbands dog in one part of the house when we had guests. She chewed through it! Dogs!!!
    Lisa Mallis recently posted…A.W.E. Inspired – ThinkingMy Profile

  3. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Such a cute story, Victoria! Our dog is just a puppy and he eats in 1 minute his entire bowl of food – I mean we don’t even have the time to get seated at the table and he’s all done and begging for more!

    Had enjoyed your article very much and laughed like crazy while reading it!
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