Jake Pupdates! #1

Okay so I promised updates on Jake, so here are a few:


Nov. 5th 2013

Hello from Jake!!!


I’m on my way to OpEd’s founders home also called ‘Camp Tiffany’s’ while I wait for a Foster or Furever home! ~Courtesy of Tiffany Galyon


Nov. 7th 2013

With all our new intakes we have gotten quite behind on our PUPdates. Several of you have asked about Momma Angelou and Jake so we thought this photo said it all.

While Tiffany’s home is often bursting at the seams, love and understanding can be found everywhere you turn. Daisy Jayne (Tan Pitty) is following in Lilah Bell’s footsteps of greeting every new dog and showing them that here, we are all friends & all your worries can be left at the door. She has found that Jake and Momma Angelou need a little more attention and has taken her takes very seriously. She follows closely behind momma Angelou every morning as she rises and learns to walk again & will lick her face for encouragement if she falls. Did you read that carefully? Momma Angelou is WALKING! Something we never thought would be possible!!!

We believe Jake is suffering from a case of PTSD, after staying by his deceased owners side for 2 weeks before they were found. He has nightmares several times a day and urinates all over himself before waking up in a panic. DAisy Jayne, again is always by his side and tries to comfort him. Often times, she can be found dragging a big stuffed toy towards him and laying by his side until he settles.

Jake at OpEd

Courtesy of Tiffany Galyon



Nov. 10th 2013

Jakester… He likes to sleep under the covers!


Courtesy of Tiffany Galyon


Nov. 12th 2013

Night 2 that I go to bed all snugly and warm with all my covers and wake up freezing and notice that Jake has stolen them  all and is wrapped up so nice. He is a ninja cover thief!


Operation Education Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue that operates solely on donations and fosters.

If you would like to help in any way; foster, donate funds/items, or look for another addition to your family please go to: www.opedanimalrescue.com for more information.

3 comments on “Jake Pupdates! #1

  1. Bren

    Gosh, bless your heart little Jake. I can’t imagine the amount of trauma the poor guy has gone through and having to overcome now. I hope in time, he’ll heal to an extent that he’ll be able to enjoy life again. Sending love and prayers his way. 🙁
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    1. Ashley Couser

      That is so great! I am so happy for Jake… I hope Tiffany at least reads this, or you can tell her, that she is an amazing woman for what she is doing for all of these for these animals. It takes a tremendous amout of heart and selflessness to step up when no one else was able to, despite her own reserve about being able, and doing this for Jake. Thank you so so much…he is such an amazing dog and that is the kind of love that is going to get him through this- so many never get that, or even a chance at it, so so so grateful everyone involved give Jake one.

    2. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      I think time and a little TLC is all he’ll need to recover. Jake has his first ever Meet & Greet with OpEd this saturday, I will be there volunteering so hopefully I’ll get some more pictures and information on his medical progress. I’m also hoping that maybe just maybe he’ll have some luck and find his furever home.
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