Jake was ADOPTED!


I don’t normally post on Saturday’s but this needed to be share ASAP!

**March 27th**

Via Operation Education Animal Rescue’s Facebook Page:

We have exciting news!!! Really, REALLY exciting news!!!! Like, you’ll pee on yourself from excitement, exciting news!!!!

But we don’t know if you’re ready for SUCH exciting news….. Are you?!


**March 28th**

Via Operation Education Animal Rescue’s Facebook Page:Jake was ADOPTED

Good afternoon Friends, it’s me… Jake! Sorry for the delay in our really exciting news, the team had a bottle baby emergency.

Many months ago I had an owner and a family & then my owner passed & the family wanted to have me euthanized. Thankfully the OpEd team brought me home & my life changed dramatically! My first few weeks I followed Tiffany every where. I had to sleep with her and if I couldn’t see her I would panic & scream. I had nightmares every night that resulted in many bruises for Tiff and changing the sheets several times a night. She was never mad and just held me and told me I was worth it!

I was heartworm positive when i cam to OpEd. I thought for sure that being 10 years old, heartworm positive, having nightmares, & peeing in the bed would mean I would be crossing the rainbow bridge soon. Instead, I am very, very excited to announce that today I am heartworm NEGATIVE and….. I am ADOPTED!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone who saw my potential & helped me reach the good life!!!




Operation Education Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 certified not for profit organization. If you would like to learn more on how you can help the other animals in their care please visit their website www.opedanimalrescue.com or visit their FaceBook Page www.facebook.com/OpEdAnimalRescue



4 comments on “Jake was ADOPTED!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      I am beyond thrilled! Jake used to belong to our neighbor before he passed, so this was a particularly special case for me.

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      It is! I’m also happy to say that the lady that adopted him, I’ve met at the first Meet & Greet that Jake went to. She is a very nice lady and does a lot of work and fostering for Operation Education as well. So I knew he is in a safe and very loving home.

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