Now there is something you don’t see everyday.

I live on a pretty quiet street out in the county, so on nice days like today, everyone is outside being active in one way or another. A good portion of them like to take family strolls up and down the street, both with and without dogs.

So I always wonder what goes through their minds when they walk past my house when I’m sitting out front. I’m very rarely sitting alone.

Of all the critters we share a house with, the one who is usually sitting with me is Pete.

So you can imagine the looks I get when passersby notice. When you see someone sitting on the front porch of their house you would think their non-human companion would be a dog, but in my case it’s not.

The kicker is, he doesn’t startle, they could be walking by with dogs off leash and he won’t move. Kids on their bikes or skateboards don’t faze him, neither do the go-kart or mini-motorcycle that occasionally go whizzing by.Pete

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