Oh the horror!

Its official; Chloe is a drama-queen.

We went for an evening walk with some friends, the dogs all desperately needed it, the weather has been consistently in the high 80s to low 90s (not including heat index) so we haven’t really been taking them out much (I know shame on us for not exercising them).

Aside from everyone (dogs that is) being excited and impatient at the beginning of our walk, it was pretty uneventful. Until ‘IT’ happened that is.

Being the youngest of our pack, Chloe has yet to get into the ‘walking’ rhythm, she’s always trying to be in the lead (of everyone; passing joggers and bikers included), start a play romp with the others, or zig-zag along the trail, so it’s no surprise that the leash gets tangled or caught under her forelegs.

Through the entire walk, she didn’t mind the leash getting caught under her except once. By this time I was tired of fixing it for her, so decided it was time for her to learn to ‘fix it’ herself. Our other pups all have a handle on that command (Willow was the one who started that trend, I noticed she’d fix the leash herself without prompting so I put a verbal command to that action and had the others work on it). So I stood there patiently not helping while she cried bloody murder, attempted to chew the leash, pull her paw loose while backing up and circling me all at the same time.

Oh yeah it was hysterical, she didn’t think so of course, she finally gave up when she realized the leash was not ‘trying to kill her’ and flopped over resting her head on my foot, quieted down and stopped mouthing the leash. Once I had my laughter under control I untangled the leash and we finished our walk.

I was not expecting to laugh so hard, on a walk.Chloe

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