Our Family

Our family

 We are Victoria and Kevin Carter, and we share our home with seven four-legged and furry critters, consisting of four dogs and three cats.

Meet the Fur-Bombers! is a pet blog consisting of a collection of stories and adventures my husband and I have collected over the years of being pet owners that we share to brighten up peoples day, and occasionally bring awareness to little known or talked about pet health issues that we’ve had to deal with or are currently dealing with.





Putt-Putt (Full name: Putt-Putt the Fluffy-Butt Sasquatch Coyote Dog) is our oldest dog at ten years old. He is a Malamute and Australian Shepherd mix. Nicknames: Bugger, Putter-bug, and Bug.






Hank is a five-year old Shetland Sheepdog. He is the only purebred pup in our house. Nicknames: Hankster, Needy Needle-Nose, Funnel-Face, and Hankster Pankster.






Willow is a five-year old Husky mix. We think she may be mixed with Collie and/or German Shepherd. Nicknames: Willow Pillow, Willemina, Brat-Face, and Heifer.






Chloe is our most recent addition, she is a two-year old, also a mix, but without a doubt mostly German Shepherd. Nicknames: Chloe-Bear, Brillo-Butt, Wooly-Butt, Chlo, and Drama Queen.




Q.B. 2.5



Q.B. 2.5 is our oldest cat, at twelve years old. He is a solid white Domestic Shorthair.






Pete is six years old, and your typical Domestic Shorthair brown and black barn Tabby.







Belle is a six-year old solid white with blue eyes Ragdoll mix.

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    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      They are a bunch of Fluffy-Butts, and do shed… a lot! I am best friends with the vacuum, broom, and mop!

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