Our Neighbor Jake

Operation Education Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group. If you would like more information on how to help OpEd, whether it be to foster, search for an adoptable companion, or donate to help with food or medical bills of the animals in their care please visit their website.

**Pupdate 3/28/14**

Recent activities: ADOPTED!

**Pupdate 1/20/14**

Recent activities: Jake’s Pupdates! #5

**Pupdate 12/3/13**

Smyrna Christmas Parade!

**Pupdate 11/29/13**

Recent activities: Jake’s Pupdates! #3

**Pupdate 11/18/13**

Activities this past week: Jake’s Pupdates! #2

**Pupdate 11/12/13**

Activities this past week: Jake’s Pupdates! #1

**Pupdate 11/5/13**

I want to give a huge thank you to all of you helped share Jake and let you know that Jake is now SAFE, he has been signed over into the custody and care of Operation Education. He needs donations for his heartworm treatment, and still looking for a furever home.

**Pupdate 11/4/13**

Just got back from the Vet’s office and Jake is heartworm positive. For more information on Jake’s search please see today’s blog post.

**Pupdate 11/2/13**

I have received a few emails and comments asking our location; We are located in Rutherford County Tennessee.

**Pupdate 11/1/13**

The family is now in town to finalize estate proceedings, and have met Jake but are unable to take him with them due to uncompromising work schedules. So I am now quite sure we have even less time than we anticipated to find him a home.


Jake is a sweet and lovable Elder-Bull, about 9 years old. He is very playful and will play ball for as long as you are willing to throw the ball. He loves belly rubs and butt-scratches, he is good with children, and up until recently had a playmate so should be fine sharing attention with one other dog. He has had very little if any interaction with cats, so we are unsure of how cat-friendly he would be. He is used to constant companionship with people both inside and outside, and would probably be happiest with someone who either works from home or has a stay-at-home spouse.

If there isn’t a ball to play fetch with he does take a while to warm up to strangers.

YouTube Preview Image

Our knowledge of his medical history if very limited; he is neutered, we believe a year overdue on vaccinations, and heartworm/parasite status is unknown.

Jake has been through a lot of loss this past year, first his ‘Mom’ then his ‘Brother’ and now his ‘Dad’. This poor guy just needs someone to love him.

If you know of any rescues with openings, or potential adopters please email me at victoria.carter@meetthefurbombers.com I will update as they occur.

My thanks, and Jake’s too!

21 comments on “Our Neighbor Jake

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      He is a sweetheart and my heart breaks for him knowing all that he’s been through this year. I really hope we can find him a nice loving home quickly!

      1. Lisa Heslop

        hello, where is Jake located?? I have shared him on my fb page, but need a location, thank you.
        Lisa Heslop

      2. Kathleen

        Can you please tell me where he is located. I have shared and I know my rescue friends will ask. Thank you!

      1. Sharon Popr

        Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in the Mt Juliet TN area is an awesome rescue.

          1. Victoria Carter
            Victoria Carter

            Thank you, I contacted them, now I’m waiting on a reply.

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Thank you so much for the information, I will definitely contact them and see if either they can help or they know of someone closer to TN.

    2. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      I have contacted Senior Dog Haven, and am waiting for a response. So far every rescue in the TN is full and not accepting new dogs. It’s looking like I’ll have to broaden my search even more. 🙁

  1. LeAnn Blevins

    Check out old friends senior dog sanctuary on fb. They r in mt juliet. Maybe they can help u place him. I will also share w some locL pit lovers…bless you for trying to help jake.

  2. Karen

    I got Jake posted on the Silver Hearts facebook page – a page dedicated to helping elder dogs find a forever home. He looks like an awesome guy!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Thank you so much for that share! He is a sweetheart, he hasn’t let any of his misfortune phase his energy.

  3. Loura

    I’m free in the morning and close to nashville is he has a rescue to pull & a foster willing I can transport. & help with donations.

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Jake has been signed over to Operation Education Animal Rescue, he is safe now. I will be staying updated on his health status (he’ll be starting heartworm treatment soon) and helping in his search for a furever home. I will continue to post on his progress.

  4. Cat

    Can you not keep Jake at least for a little while longer? It sounds like maybe you are the ones being called to help him? Otherwise, maybe it is time for him to be back with his family. You’re kind people for trying to help him and if you’ve done all you can, at least you know he never suffered from complete abandonment which is a blessing for him.

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      Operation Education managed to make room for him last minute. The family agreed to sign him over this morning. He is now safe and will be getting the medical attention he needs while he continues his search for a furever home.

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