Pfft This is What I Think of Your Kibble!

Okay I’m really sorry for not post on Friday, lost track of time, and then today I passed out early afternoon and didn’t wake up until sunset…

I’ve been exhausted a lot lately, third trimester is kicking my butt!

That being said I do have a very late post for tonight. Willow’s dainty eating, it doesn’t just stop at painstakingly slow eating of popcorn kernels, but also extends to her actual kibble.

What she’ll do is lay down and slowly eat her kibble with no more than four pieces per mouthful, she chews at least once per piece kibble, and she occasionally will spit out some kibble outside of her bowl and save them for last.

Don’t believe me? I finally have video proof!

YouTube Preview Image


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4 comments on “Pfft This is What I Think of Your Kibble!

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      It is funny, whats funnier is when Hank sits there and stares at her and her loose kibble because he claims he never eats (despite eating everything in sight and without ever chewing or tasting what he’s eating).
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