Putt-Putt the Fluffy-butt Sasquatch Coyote Dog

It has been brought to my attention that Putt-Putt’s name may need some explaining.

Yes, this is Putt-Putt, he looked different as a puppy didn't he?

Yes, this is Putt-Putt, he looked different as a puppy didn’t he? Oh, and ignore that date stamp, it’s inaccurate this picture was taken in Jan. of 2005.

It all started when Kevin FOUND Putt-Putt as an 8-10 week old puppy at a wood trail that he took the late Scout and Big Hungry.

Kevin had seen him hiding under a trash can and didn’t think he was alive until Scout went to investigate. Once Scout got close, Kevin saw Putt-Putt start moving. He knew Putt-Putt would not have made it through the night, so he brought him home.

Shortly after bringing him home he found it a difficult task naming him, but not keeping him.

While visiting at a friend’s house one night, he noticed that Putt-Putt’s long fur had a delayed swaying motion. So by the firelight it looked like he was moving along in stop-and-go claymation, and said: “You’re just Putt-Putting along aren’t you puppy?” to which Putt-Putt responded with an energetic jump into Kevin’s lap. So we’ve been calling him Putt-Putt since.

Fluffy-butt is simply because Kevin knew he was going to stay a fluffy-butt dog, and he has a tendency to call him that as often as Putt-Putt.

Sasquatch (aka Big-Foot) got added on, again because it was a frequently used nickname, and because Putt-Putt has always had huge paws. Seriously his paws are the size of my palm!

Coyote dog; that came from a rather interesting canoe trip. Putt-Putt was still less than a year old by this point, but that didn’t stop Kevin from tacking it onto his name.

This was only three months later, big change!

This was only three months later, big change!

He was out canoeing with the dogs (Scout, Big Hungry, and Putt-Putt), they had just put-in to the river and came up on a man sitting on the bank fishing. The fisherman noticed and politely acknowledged them, until he got a good look at Putt-Putt. He was stunned, and promptly stated: “I’ll give you $500 for that ‘tame’ Coyote.” Kevin, of course, declined the offer; but to commemorate that interaction has since added that to his list of nicknames, and eventually it was added on to his name proper.

And that is how he became Putt-Putt the Fluffy-butt Sasquatch Coyote-dog


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