Rain, rain, go away.

I have some mixed feelings about rain; here are my lists for loving and hating rain.

Loving Rain:

  • I don’t have to water the lawn or garden.
  • I love watching the birds bathe in puddles.
  • I love sitting on the front porch watching the lightning light up the sky.
  • I love playing in the rain, it reminds me of being a little kid.
  • It lowers the ambient temperature outside (while it’s raining).
  • I like that all my pets want to be inside and cuddle with me.
  • Its fun seeing the dogs get spunky and play in the rain.
  • Mud.

Hating Rain:

  • Mosquitos.
  • It adds to the humidity and mugginess outside (when the rain stops).
  • I don’t like the smell of wet dog, or cat for that matter.
  • I hate seeing my dogs cower due to the accompanying thunder.
  • I hate having to keep the dogs off the furniture (if they’ve recently been outside).
  • I hate how the dogs get stir crazy if the rain lasts longer than a day.
  • I hate bathing and or towelling off the dogs.
  • Mud.

Here’s to hoping the rain doesn’t last as long as the weatherman says!Willow


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