Calico kitten

Stephanie’s Crash Course Into Cat-Parenthood

A good friend of mine has recently decided to take up a hobby and was inquiring about blogging since she knew that it was what I was trying (and failing) to make a living at doing.

She recently had the experience of dealing with a pregnant kitty, and let me tell you, my phone was constantly blowing up! I’ve gone through that experience with a cat of my own in the past (14 years ago now) and helped another friend out with the same thing when she rescued a kitty that happened to be ready to drop her litter any day as well, Ooops! (that friend was not a cat person so she found good homes for all of them when they were ready to leave mama)

Stephanie, while not pleased with how things came about, is absolutely adoring her kitty and little the surprise furballs. Without too much rambling, I’ll hand this over to Stephanie.

Calico Kitten

Minute courtesy of Stephanie

My husband and I don’t really “do” pets. We aren’t the “get out of bed to walk, feed, clean, and play” kind of people. All of our free time is spent with our busy toddler and on housework. Pets don’t fit in with our poverty level lifestyle. We talked about a dog once or twice, agreed that we weren’t able to afford vet bills so we dismissed the idea with our busy toddler and on housework. Pets don’t fit in with our poverty level lifestyle. We talked about a dog once or twice, agreed that we weren’t able to afford vet bills so we dismissed the idea

Through a series of events, we found ourselves with a long-term house guest. One day she sent me a text with the dreaded “we need to talk”. When she came home I met her on the porch. She was crying and shaking. My first thought was about the safety of her children. Something must be terribly wrong. She took a deep breath and with a squeal that turned into a sob she shouted, “I ran over a mommy kitty!” I fought deep within myself to suffocate my laughter as relief filled my body. I calmed myself, as she told me the story of how she searched the roadside field for the orphaned kitten, which she had put in her van.

My husband and I decided the right thing to do was keep the kitten. We named her Minuet and welcomed her into our family. Months passed by and my husband and I began to talk about getting Minuet spayed. We noticed she had gone into heat and I tried my best to keep her indoors. She had always had the freedom to come and go as she pleased.

Our birth control method I now call the “keep in method “ proved to be as effective and the “pull out method” us humans sometimes use. We again, revisited our conversation about spaying her when suddenly I noticed that my cat seemed a bit… Rounder. I turned to my husband and asked, “does she look fat to you?” He looked down at her and then at me,then back to her; “ oh no.”I  gave him a worried but hopefully look as I felt on her belly and little fluttering kicks greeted my hand “maybe she’s just gassy?”

The vet confirmed our suspicions and informed us she would be due in about two weeks. We googled like crazy, we bought kitten food and carriers. Cat beds and pretty much exploded attention on her. All of our time was spent watching her belly move and wiggle. How many will she have? What will we do? Where will they go? Can we afford this? Our worries were put to bed when we woke up one morning to the most exciting thing in the world.

calico mama cat with kittens

Minute and day old kittens courtesy of Stephanie

We found her with three beautiful kittens. Two boys and a girl. It didn’t take long to fall in love with our newest family members. Hours are spent peering into their little nest and laughing as they each develop unique personalities. Who will they become? How will they behave? I hope to share a part of our lives with all of you by writing about our adventures as a small family of three becomes a family of seven.

I gladly introduce, Minuet, Tiaga, Jimmy Jr, His Royal fluffiness Emperor Leopold I (Leo).

three one week old kittens exploring outside

The kittens courtesy of Stephanie

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  1. Caren Gittleman

    What a darling story! It’s true that “cats find US”….but…what is she going to do about all of the kittens?

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