That was a close one!

Two nights ago, I let the dogs out for their last potty outing of the night, and they started going nuts!

This wasn’t the usual spunky ‘yay we outside in the cold nuts’ either.

They were all gathered out by the back fence whining, yelping, and carrying on. At first I thought it was the neighbor’s horse but Willow wasn’t doing her obsessive ‘What the heck are you’ bark so I decided to check it out.

I ran back inside to grab a flashlight and try to bring the dogs in, (Hank and Chloe were the only ones willing to oblige me in this) and go and investigate.

After a few minutes of searching I found out what was getting them excited. It was an opossum.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

It was too dark to take a picture ~Courtesy of Wikipedia

After locating it I saw it was doing what opossums do best; playing dead on the other side of the fence.

I managed to herd Putt-Putt and Willow back in the house to give the poor thing time to wake back up and waddle to safety.

I was glad it was on the other side of the fence, I didn’t want to repeat an incident from two summers ago.

That was a fun night! Kevin was out-of-town on business, and I was lounging on the couch watching TV and working on my cross-stitching when I smelt this horrible stench.

I looked up to see what the dogs were doing, hoping they hadn’t got into the litter boxes, and didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary so I figured one of them had just farted (Yes when they fart it can very easily clear a room).

A few minutes later the stench hadn’t dissipated so I looked around again. This time I noticed Hank and Willow staring intently where Putt-Putt was laying down (right below me next to the couch), and heard him doing his low ‘keep your distance’ grumble so I looked down to see why.

Yup, he was guarding an opossum!

It took me a bit to process this, and was about to contact animal control when I saw what time it was. It was late enough that they either wouldn’t have received my call or taken their sweet time to get out to our house.

So I did the only thing left to do, I shooed Putt-Putt away, carefully checked to see if it was just playing dead or actually was dead. Thankfully he was just playing dead (I used a pen I had nearby to gently poke his tail, he stiffened his body a bit more and curled his lips).

I then proceeded to carefully get up and quickly find a pair of thick gloves to pick him up with. I carried him outside, followed by the dogs of course, and placed him on the other side of the fence.

Immediately after touching the ground and realizing he was safe, he got up and waddled away.

I’m sure there are others who have similar stories! I’d love to hear about them and how you handled the situation.

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  1. Karen Hug-Nagy

    Wow, you are brave, we have them in my yard too, and you just always know when the dogs have that particular bark that there is something out there.

    1. Victoria Carter
      Victoria Carter

      They are definitely an unattractive creature. I don’t really have an issue with them. I believe the first opossum that visited two summers ago, decided to spread a warning to the others, since I hadn’t seen one until recently. This new one looked pretty young so I’m sure he never got the memo, well now he knows and will probably warn the others away too.
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