The coast is clear, lets go!

So yesterday we went to Rock Island State Park for the day. (pictures and video to be posted later) We get home from the long drive, and in the hub-bub to get the dogs inside, wash off river water, and get wet clothes in the wash; I forgot to do my routine fluid level check on the truck (its ten years old now and the only vehicle we own that I can drive, yea I know I need to learn how to drive stick and soon!).

So after my shower, I go out to do a quick check and didn’t notice the main door didn’t shut behind me, but the storm door did. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but as I was checking the fluids, a mother daughter pair that routinely walk the street with their beagle pup just passed the house.

Putt-Putt took the opportunity to open the storm door to go greet this beagle they see every day but had never properly greeted. Of course the rest of the dogs followed. The pair of ladies having never been introduced to my dogs either; started to panic thinking the dogs were after them, then quickly changed gears when they saw the dogs go towards the pup.

I ran around the corner told them the dogs were friendly, they just wanted to play and meet the pup that they see walking everyday. They relaxed and laughed when their pup being overwhelmed by big dogs bolted back to their house down the street with mine in tow.

I quickly shut the door to keep cats inside and bugs outside when I see Chloe hanging out in the yard, she refused to chase the pup, but also refused to go inside. Figuring she would follow me, I turned my attention back to the other three, and proceeded to chase them down the street in PJs and flip-flops.

Putt-Putt and Hank came back to me after the beagle pup had gone inside, Willow decided she was going to continue greeting dogs down the street and took a while to catch. I finally managed to scoop up her fifty pound fluffy-butt to make sure the other two stayed close by and proceeded to walk home.


When I got to my immediate neighbors yard with the three of them, Chloe comes running around the corner of the house barking but never going farther than the halfway point of our walkway to the street. (I’ve never been so proud of one of my dogs as I was at that moment, she’s a year old and already knows not to wander!) She quieted down and politely greeted me once I actually entered our yard and they all went inside without a fuss.


I did apologize to the pair of ladies on their next lap up and down the street and they took the whole escapade in stride. I’m sure the only reason they did was because our dogs almost never take off like that, and aside from barking at the fence are not nuisance dogs.


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