Whats with the name?

The fur-bombers have been introduced in the Our Family page, now for some backstory. For some reason we were laboring over a name for this blog, then we realized while all of our animals will be featured, we had to admit that our posts would most likely end up being dog-heavy. To make things fair, we decided to use something about the cats for the name, which led to the use of my husbands favorite nickname for them; Fur-Bombers.

Now there is a reason for that name too, I’ll give you a hint, Memphis Belle. Figured it out yet? Well, for those of you who haven’t (and don’t feel bad, it’s not often that someone does) the Memphis Belle was the first plane (specifically a Boeing B-17F) to complete 25 missions in WWII. It is still intact, and housed in the US Air Force Museum, and you guessed it, two of our cats are named after that aircraft.

When I adopted Memphis and Belle five years ago, their names were Marshmallow and Angel. I didn’t think those names fit them, so I struggled to find an appropriate name for each. While sitting outside in my parents driveway letting the then ten week old Marshmallow and Angel play in the front yard, my Dad starts spouting off random names, in answer to my pleas for help on re-naming them. He was about to give up when he says, ‘Well, what about Memphis Belle?’ I loved it, but I had to ask where that came from. It just so happens he was in the middle of building a model of the Memphis Belle, and that’s how they got their names.

Now, having given you the backstory on their given names, and my husband knowing the story, their nickname is due to Kevin swearing they can shed on a whim, thus ‘fur-bombing’ whatever they happen to be near. I’m not sure I believe that they can control their shedding, it is rather funny to note, the only things that tend to get fur-bombed are Kevin’s clothes and military duffel-bags.Belle & Memphis

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