Where are your manners?

I was out running some errands last week with Chloe and Hank, and needed to stop in at the bank. Now our bank is pretty unique in that they allow dogs inside.

So anytime we need to stop in we always bring a few if not all of the dogs for their obligatory treat from the tellers. The ladies are always pleasant and love to pet on the dogs. This routine is also one of the ways we socialize our pups and get them used to going in and out of different environments.

On this trip we walk up to the teller counter and they all say hi and two come out to give treats and pet the dogs. While we were up at the counter, another customer walks in with her three daughters and walks up to the farthest teller.

Hankster couldn’t care less of course having done this thousands of times, Chloe on the other hand, not so much. She stood there and watched them walk in and up to the counter, and without warning starts to bark.

I was mortified! Now, this wasn’t the first time Chloe has been to the bank, and she’s been to many other dog friendly stores without incident so I was not expecting her to raise a fuss.

Thankfully the lady and her girls didn’t get upset, they did the right thing by ignoring Chloe. I quickly grabbed her and turned her around, sat her down, and told her, “That’s enough!” (her stop barking command). She thankfully listened and stopped barking.

By this point all the tellers were laughing, still embarrassed that Chloe behaved so rudely I apologized to the lady and her girls, then promptly left once my business was done.Chloe

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