Who says you get special treatment?

Last night I was sitting on the porch waiting for Q.B. 2.5 and Pete to show up so I could bring them inside for dinner (and the rest of the night). Pete came first as usual, and as usual refused to go in unless I went in as well.

A few minutes later Q.B. 2.5 showed up, he watched me trying to judge if I was going to try to catch him or not. He likes to come up to the porch when I’m sitting there for attention, and very rarely to come inside (of his own volition, I usually have to catch him, which is easier said than done).

So I sit in the rocking chair pretending to ignore him, until he comes up and wants to be pet. I quickly scoop him up and put him on my lap and pet him for a few minutes so he’ll relax, then I carry him inside on my shoulder closely followed by Pete.

After the dogs have finished sniffing Q.B. 2.5 while I’m holding him, I go to put him down, only he refuses to be put on the floor. He kept his claws in my shoulder and refused to get down until I brought him to the food table, where he gently but promptly got down and proceeded to eat dinner. Talk about a spoiled cat!

All the cats


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