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Will Travel With Dogs; Not Cats!

We like to travel, and we usually take the dogs with us, but there are times when we can’t, and of course our cats are not particularly fond of the car either.

Those are the times when having a reliable Pet Sitter comes in handy. Problem is; I’m usually the Pet Sitter!

It isn’t always an easy thing finding a Pet Sitter, with our number of animals it can be hard to find someone willing to take on that challenge. We are lucky that our Pet Sitter is someone we used to go to the Bark Park with and used work as a tech at our Vet’s Office (she is now self-employed as a horse trainer!).

Why Should You Use A Pet Sitter?

Memphis riding passenger

Memphis when he went to the vet solo: I let him out of the carrier since he was calmer when out.

Simply put, not all pets like to travel. Wether it’s to the Vet’s Office, or for a fun vacation. So to keep the stress caused by traveling down, we believe it is best to hire someone to come to your home and care for your pets that won’t be joining you.

Yes, you can board your animals at boarding facility or even your Vet’s office; but sometimes the noise and activity of a kennel is just as stressful and sometimes more so than the trip would be.

Most pets will handle your absence better if they remain home and have someone come to them; and as a bonus, most Pet Sitters charge less than a boarding facility or Vet’s Office.

Where Should You Look For A Pet Sitter?IMG_0043

The first place I would look is usually friends of family, because your pet will know them and would hopefully be more comfortable with them stepping into your routine.

If they aren’t available then I would ask any of the staff at your Vet’s office. Quite a few of the staff at our Veterinarian’s office do a bit of pet sitting on the side, and the nice thing is they should know your pet, and know where to go in the event of an emergency.

If neither of those are available you can check out National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Pet Sitters International, or Care.com to find someone qualified near you.

What Should You Look For in A Pet Sitter?

Preferably your Pet Sitter would be:

  • trustworthy,
  • someone with experience,
  • knowledgable of the animal species in question,
  • comes with good references,
  • someone who is bonded and insured or works for a company that is

I always recommend a meet and greet of your sitter before your trip,

  • that way you can get to know your Pet Sitter better,
  • you can do a dry run of the routine and go over any questions or concerns
  • and most importantly, make sure you pet is comfortable with your Pet Sitter.

Note of Caution

If there is any doubt about a particular Pet Sitter, do NOT feel bad about not hiring them! Not all Pet Sitters are equal, and not all Pet Sitters will fit with all families!

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