Wordless Wednesday #21

Okay so getting all the cats together for a treat review in time for a Wednesday post just didn’t happen, not with going to see my Midwife for a check up, and then taking the pups for a walk, then yoga, cooking dinner, and making my online rounds.

So instead I’m going to give a shout out to Cat and Nailah from Adventures of Puppy and Cat, for the adorable bandana’s we won from their give away back in May! (Yes I’m horribly sorry for totally spacing that I hadn’t shared these pictures sooner)ChloeWillowHankChloe and KevinPutt-Putt

20 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #21

  1. Golden Woofs: Sugar

    LOVE the prints on the bandana. Like that yoga is on your schedule … yoga is a must for me everyday. Happy Wednesday. Golden Woofs

  2. Amanda @ Mom of Dogs

    Those are super cute bandanas! I especially like the blue one. My older dog always loved bandanas when she was younger and I just rediscovered some of her old ones in a box about a week ago. She is so excited to have her “pretties” back.

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