You’ve ruined my cat!

“You’ve ruined my cat!” Kevin says that a lot lately. I swear I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary for him, he’s just realized that by him being a cat he can make us do special things for him.

I was out front watching the moon rise, when I hear a little jingling sound, and when I go to look for where the sound is coming from I see Pete running towards the front porch from the neighbor’s yard. (Yes, Pete is in an indoor/outdoor cat, he usually spends his days outside unless the weather is what he considers unpleasant, and then spends his nights indoors hogging the foot of the bed.) So, he jumps up to the door and meows at me, I open the door to let him in, he stands there debating the merits of going inside, and finally passes through the door. When he realizes I’m not going inside with him, he comes back to the door and sits there staring at me through the glass imploring me to let him back out. If I don’t respond quick enough he starts pawing at the door while meowing pitifully. Now he does all this while the back door is still open for critter use.

Why is he ‘ruined’? Well, that would be because he no longer wants to be a mouser; oh he’ll chase the odd bug or two, and occasionally catch a vole or shrew and leave them in the drive-way, but he prefers to spend most of his time sleeping on our bed, or being disgruntled about something and voicing his opinions about whatever that is. He also refuses to come in the house how he used to, via hole through the fence, or from under the back deck, (yup, those are fixes on our to do list) he prefers the honor of us opening and shutting the front door just for him.

To be honest, this all started with Kevin opening and shutting the fence gate for Pete anytime he was sitting by it, regardless of whether he was outside or in. So if anyone is to blame… He started it!Pete

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